SPACE will be offering a wide variety of training to both the Community and services within the community.

The training on offer will include: Safe TALK, ASIST, Understanding Self Harm, Bereavement training for communities & Professionals, Mental Health First Aid, WRAP, Domestic Violence Response training. The training will be offered to all parts of the Community once candidates are deemed suitable.

Support & access programme for young Women  – 

  • To engage young women in services that are available to them
  • To target specific groups of young women in collaboration with existing service providers and to look for areas of development within existing programme’s to engage young women
  • Potential of collaborating with Tom on a Women’s Head’s up programme
  • Seek & Safe programme being developed by the for Women being developed by the HSE
  • To also engage services in the community and to look at developing existing programmes for young women

Community Response Plan:

  • To have a Community response plan and information regarding Suicides in the area
  • To look at developing a booklet for Families of people in the community who have died by suicide
  • This would include relevant information for loved one’s including services they may need to engage with, Supports that are available to them as a loved one of someone who has died by suicide
  • To also look at response services can have regarding one off suicides and to liaise with appropriate services regarding this i.e. Turas Le Cheile