Lifelong Learning Programme Proposals

BCP welcomes applications from interested programme delivery partners to co-create and co-deliver programmes aimed at promoting Lifelong Learning in the Dublin 10 area. Lifelong Learning is defined by the European Commission (2001) as “all learning activity undertaken throughout life with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competences within a personal, civic, social and/or employment-related perspective”. Lifelong learning covers learning from pre-school to post retirement. Lifelong learning can be either accredited and unaccredited training or education.

Community organisations (e.g. School Completion Programmes, Community Childcare Services, Youth Services etc.) can apply for small grants (maximum €1,500) to implement education and lifelong learning programmes. Under the terms of BCP’s funding programme (SICAP) grants cannot be provided to statutory organisations however statutory applicants can apply for resources (e.g. facilitators, materials, transport, venue hire) to the maximum value of €1,500 annually to assist with developing and delivering programmes.

Applicants must use any resources provided to promote education and life/long learning within one or more of the following target groups

People living in disadvantaged communities Travellers
Disadvantaged children and families Roma
Individuals and families coming out of homelessness People with disabilities
Disadvantaged women New communities
Disadvantaged young persons (aged 15-24) The unemployed
Low income workers/households Lone parents
The disengaged from the labour market  


Criteria for applications

Programme proposals must be aligned to the SICAP Goal 2 thematic areas namely;

  • Promoting personal development and wellbeing of children & families
  • Providing lifelong learning opportunities
  • Provide preventative supports for children & young people
  • Preparing young people for further education or employment
  • Addressing gaps in education & lifelong learning provision
  • Addressing barriers to participation in education & lifelong learning

Priority will also be given to programmes aligned to the horizontal themes of SICAP namely;

  • Promoting an equality framework
  • Applying community development approaches
  • Developing Collaborative Approaches

The following proposals will not be eligible:

  • From individuals i.e. not representing a community organisation/education provider
  • Private or ‘For Profit’ organisations.
  • Which are for actions outside the BCP catchment area[1]
  • For activities or spending, which have already taken place or are due to take place before proposal approval is confirmed.

Grants cannot be used to fund the following types of activities:

  • Funding travel and subsistence for employees of other service providers that are a member of boards of management of community organisations or have a role in projects led by community organisations;
  • Refreshment costs cannot be funded with the exception of where they are central to the delivery of the programme (e.g. ingredients for a healthy food cooking course can be funded)
  • Grants cannot be provided to community organisations who have successfully received funding from BCP within the same calendar year (e.g. through Social Inclusion Nexus)
  • Proposals which do not demonstrate educational/developmental/lifelong learning focus (i.e. purely recreational programmes)
  • Grants to statutory education providers to operate breakfast clubs and homework support programmes
  • Grants used to duplicate existing education and lifelong learning service provision in the Ballyfermot/Chapelizod area
  • Funding for on-going running costs incurred by community organisations for example rent, insurance, electricity, phone costs and office maintenance.
  • Recreational trips and/or international travel are not eligible costs under SICAP

The Application Process

The application process will be described in detail at the D10 Education Task Force Meeting on March 12th 2019

Application forms and guidelines are available at the end of this post

The closing date for receipt of applications will be as follows;

  • Jan – May 2019 Programmes:                                    Friday 29th March 2019 5pm
  • June – August 2019 Programmes:                             Friday 26th April 2019    5pm
  • September – December Programmes:                     Friday 6th September 2019  5pm

Programme Proposals Can be submitted in Hardcopy to

Lifelong Learning Manager

Ballyfermot Chapelizod Partnership

4 Drumfinn Park

Dublin 10

Or by email to


  • BCP Staff (and board where applicable) will review all applications and will approve selected applications based on clear criteria and available budget.
  • Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application within 2 weeks of the closing date
  • Applicants have the right to request feedback on their application; such requests must be submitted in writing to the details above.

Requirements of Successful Applicants

Successful applicants will be required to:

  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with BCP. This MOU will clearly detail the responsibilities of both BCP and the successful Applicant
  • Submit evidence of expenditure (receipts) and final reports by January 10th
  • Provide a declaration of tax compliance and/or TCAN (Tax Clearance Access Number), support will be available in securing a TCAN if required by the group.
  • Display the programme funders logos on all promotional materials relevant to the funded activities (these will be provided to successful applicants)

LLL Programme Proposal Template


[1] Note: a group that is not based in the BCP catchment area, but provides services to those living in the area may apply.