Healthy Food Supports

Healthy Food Made Easy

Healthy Food Made Easy is a peer-led community nutrition programme. It is a 6-week course aimed at supporting people who are interested in healthier eating, particularly where cost is a consideration. The course aims to improve people’s nutritional knowledge and to help them put it into practice in everyday life. The course is practical but fun and everyone can participate. The sessions include cooking and tasting! Healthy Hearts – this is a 3-week follow on course for participants who have completed Healthy Food Made Easy. The 3 sessions cover guidelines on Nutrition, Stress Management and Physical Activity. If you are interested, please email or ring us on 01 – 623 – 5612 or drop in.

Cool Dudes

Cool Dudes is a 5-week course for children aged 9 – 13 years who are interested in healthy eating. All 5 sessions include practical cookery and participants choose what they would like to cook from a range of recipes in the handbook provided. This course is available to schools and youth activity groups. If you need more details, please pop in to our office, ring us on 01 – 623 – 5612 or email:

Weaning Workshops

Weaning Workshops are held for parents of young babies who are ready to start spoon-feeding. Information is provided on the current guidelines from the Dept. of Health and there is a practical cookery element on preparing appropriate foods for different stages of weaning. Through the delivery of Weaning Workshops the Partnership aims to increase parents’ understanding of nutritional and dietary information for young babies and establish the foundation for healthy food habits. If you need more details, please contact 01-623-5612 or email: