Start your own Business Enterprise support service works with people on a one to one basis to explore the opportunities of setting up their own business. The aim of the service is to offer support and good practical business advice.

  1. Want to find out what self employment is about
  2. Is considering starting a business
  3. Has a business idea and wants to research and develop that idea
  4. Social economy business setup


The following services are available from the Enterprise support service:

  1. Self employment information & training
  2. Advice & review of business ideas
  3. Assistance with marketing and business plans
  4. Setting up business & book-keeping systems
  5. Sourcing funding i.e. bank loans and grants
  6. Ongoing support once the business has been established

Pre Enterprise Support

  1. Provision of enterprise supports (one-to-one advice, mentor support, guidance, ideas assessment, business plan development and BTWEA registration) targeting clients in Cherry Orchard and Kylemore.
  2. Enterprise awareness and preparation workshops and information dissemination on enterprise options
  3. Provide seven Start Your Own Business training courses.
  4. Refer individuals to other training schemes such as Momentum, Ignite programme and LEO training courses.
  5. Provision of start-up grants (with targeting of groups and including ring-fenced provision for youth unemployed and people living in disadvantaged communities such as Cherry Orchard)
  6. Youth enterprise awareness workshops and enterprise training targeting youth unemployed in Cherry Orchard and Traveller groups
  7. Expansion of the NFTE programme delivery targeting youth out of school and not in education and employment.

Post Enterprise Supports

Business expansion advice to include marketing supports and grants

  1. Business mentoring support referral of individuals to the Local Enterprise Office (LEO)
  2. Business training including sales training and book-keeping clinics and those courses run by the Local Enterprise Office (LEO)
  3. Delivery of a local awards scheme leading to participation in a national awards scheme for candidates supported under BTWEA, and where relevant other enterprise start-ups supported by the company, for unemployed persons.
  4. Continue the Business Network through coordinating meetings and membership.

Start Your Own Business Training Courses

Courses available during the year include:

  1. Start Your Own Business
  2. Sales
  3. Bookeeping

Social Enterprise Supports

  1. Advice, guidance and technical support to the Cherry Orchard Community Garden as a nascent social enterprise, to include sales growth, marketing, customer service, operations and business plan development.
  2. Training for the Cherry Orchard Community Garden social enterprise (cross goal collaboration – goal 1)
  3. Engage An Taisce Green Communities Programme (and engage with monthly action-based training events and field trips for community volunteer gardeners).
  4. Network supports including visits to other social enterprises in the Dublin area.

Useful Forms


Enterprise Contacts

For information on Employment Services contact Audrey Coyne or Ralph James at 01 623 5612
Email: acoyne@bcpartnership.ie or rjames@bcpartnership.ie