Employment Services


All the support you need to help you find your a job


A 12 month work placement programme to help you get the experience you need

Jobs Club

Looking for work but need to learn how, attend the BCP Jobs Club!

Click on Guidance, Tus, or Jubs club to learn more about those specific employment services. BCP also supports people seeking employment by putting on training and courses to give people new skills and if these interest you please get in touch 

What is your Ability?
If you are aged under 29, are struggling with poor mental health or other issues that you feel are holding you back and you feel you need extra support in some way, we are happy to work with you in a way that you are comfortable with. If you need more details, please ring the office on 01 – 623 5612.

IGNITE Programme
Ignite is a programme specifically designed for people who are parenting alone and are considering their next move in terms of Education, Training and Employment. Give Jessica a call on 01 – 623 5612 to register.

KICKSTART IT and CLICK programmes.
Aimed at beginner and intermediate levels of knowledge, BCP understands the importance of technology and solid IT skills.
Programmes on offer include Kickstart IT which is an introduction to computers or a refresher to brush up on your computer skills. We also offer CLICK – a practical hands-on course to help you use IT for job search and help you to register on websites like Careers Portal, JobsIreland, Revenue and MyGovID. Contact us on 01 – 623 5612 and ask for Jessica to find out more.