Ballyfermot Local Employment Service Network provides a range of services to the local community focusing on the provision of practical support, advice, guidance and information relating training and employment

Ballyfermot LES is a community based organisation set up under the Partnership which provides  employment guidance supports to unemployed individuals. Working closely with the local Intreo office we manage referrals under the Employment Action Plan to ensure clients are best placed to access training and employment


The Gateway service has been established to provide you with information and guidance in a confidential and accessible setting. For those who are  short-term unemployed, it can provide information on current employment vacancies, both from LES/employer contacts and the Job Bank and other internet based job sites.

If you are interested in training or further education, the Gateway Staff can also help you to identify what types of courses are out there for you.

The Gateway team will assist all job seekers with resources and information on:

  1. Job vacancies
  2. Training programmes
  3. Career options
  4. Welfare to work information
  5. An up-to-date C.V.
  6. Access to the internet / WWW
  7. Use of telephone / FAX
  8. Support and direction on all information is available in all our offices.

Employment Guidance

Adult guidance is a specialist service which will provide you with the practical support, guidance and resources needed to re-enter the work place after unemployment. The approach taken centres on you and discussing with us what your priorities and goals are, and from there identifying and planning the steps needed to secure those goals

The Adult Guidance Services will work closely with you to support you in identifying a clear career path and offer practical supports assisting you in secure training and emplyment

Service provision includes practical advice and support on accessing different types pf:

  1. Employment
  2. Training
  3. Career Guidance
  4. C.V.

Youth & Lone Parent Employment Supports

  1. Provision of career guidance and support in developing an individual career plan,
  2. Support in accessing training, education, work experience and full-time employment.
  3. Individualised supports based on needs, including personal assessment, job search assistance, skills training, and work experience
  4. Development of links with employers, to develop innovative responses and to ensure that the guidance and training are tailored to needs and opportunities in the local labour market.

Job Club

Job Club is your opportunity to learn and develop the skills that you need to successfully get a job. The Job Club   training programme is normally run over 3 weeks in the mornings . It can also be tailored to meet your individual needs including delivering the training in modules, in a group or on a one to one basis.

Training covers:

  1. How to identify what employers are really looking for in new employees
  2. How to find the right job for you
  3. How to prepare a CV which gets you an interview
  4. How to develop successful interview skills


There is no charge for attending the course, and it will not effect your social welfare payments or secondary benefits. You will have access to all of the support and resources you need to get the right job for you including:

  1. Current Job Vacancies
  2. Newspapers
  3. The Internet
  4. Information on training courses
  5. An up to date CV

Job Initiative

Supporting 21 Community Groups with community work placement opportunities


Tús Work Placement Programme is a 12 month community work placement initiative

Tús is an activation initiative for those who are on the live register. Its aim is to support your work readiness and keep your employment skill up to date.

The Department of Social Protection (Intreo Offices) refer individuals to the initiative and our Tús team leaders will meet with you and offer you guidance and support into securing a community based work placement in the area. Following completion of the programme the Local Employment services guidance officers will continue to offer support is assisting you with your training and employment needs.

Job Plan

Job Plan ,funded by the Ballyfermot Drugs and Alcohol Task Force through the Department of Social Protection , is a bridging course for people coming from a background of drug use who are interested in exploring options around re-entry into work.

The aim of Job Plan is to assist ex-substance users to establish:

  1. New Directions
  2. New Priorities
  3. New Networks

In relation to work, training or education.

The programme will run Monday to Friday in the mornings , for 18 weeks based in our Drumfinn Park office and will include training on computers, job-search skills, and personal development. All of these will be underpinned by an approach which aims to plan and establish practical re-integration strategies for those aiming to move from a history of active drug use into a drug free life whether working or training. A new detox element has been included to facilitate those interested in becoming drug free.

Employment Contacts

For information on Employment Services contact Maeve Harkin at 01 623 5612
Email: mharkin@bcpartnership.ie